Past ASG Officers

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Thank you to the following students for their service to LWTech Student Government. As members of the ASG Executive Board they all accomplished goals, learned and implemented leadership skills, and took time to serve student life by providing leadership and guidance to the development of an effective and involving student life.

Thank you to all.

President - Shalliah Swinney (Pre-Nursing)
Vice President - Eldy Torres (Pre-Nursing)
Public Relations - Richie Savedo (Multi-Media Design)
Fianance - Liudmilla Pit (Medical Assisting)
Records - Dominique Carver (Business)

2011 - 2012
President - Peter Huff (Multi-Media Design)
Vice President - Shalliah Swinney (Pre-Nursing)
Public Relations - Will Bolden (Social-Human Services)
Fianance - Kim Ray (Accounting) / Kiang Chong (Accounting)
Records - Liesa Spring (Social-Human Services)

President - Garren Handson (Science Technician) / Bronson Carter (Multi-Media Design)
Vice President - Bronson Carter (Multi-Media Design) / Will Bolden (Social-Human Services)
Public Relations - Nicole Herron (Social-Human Services)
Finance - Sunny Mann (CSNT) / Amanda Egan (Automotive)
Records - Liesa Spring (Horticulture / Social-Human Services) 

President - Aaron Swanson (Diesel)
Vice President - Matt Deitz  (Nursing)
Public Relations - Sasha Grigorieva (Engineering Graphics), Michael Beck (Social and Human Services)
Finance - Wei Jiang (Accounting Transfer)
Recorder - Carissa Ciuchta (Multi-Media Design BTAD)

President - Tiara Benson (Nursing)
Vice President - Donna Bowen (Nursing) / Min Kim (Engineering Graphics)
Public Relations - Janice Bruch (Multi-Media Design)/ Sasha Grigorieva (Engineering Graphics)
Finance - Rachelle Kiesel (Nursing)
Recorder - Carissa Ciuchta (Multi-Media Design)

President - Kobus Mann (Multi-Media Design)
Vice President - Joy Knoke (Legal Studies)
Public Relations - Dria Little Hawk (Multi-Media Design)
Finance - Jessica Kutzuk (Accounting)
Recorder - Susan Dailey (Social and Human Services)