Basic Safety Tips & Videos


If you see something suspicious, or observe a criminal or medical emergency:

  • CALL 911 (on campus 9-911), then call

  • LWTech Campus Security at 8611 or the Main Security Office phone number at (425) 739-8224.

 Post these numbers where you can readily find them to use in the event of an emergency  


  • ALWAYS lock offices and/ or classrooms when leaving the room, even for a few minutes. Never leave personal property in plain view. How long does it take for a thief remove your property? Seconds. In just a short few seconds your day is ruined, you have become a victim. Take your wallet or purse with you when leaving the room, or secure them in a cabinet or desk. Identity theft is America's fastest growing crime. It takes only a moment for a thief to ruin your credit by stealing a wallet or purse containing your driver's license, debit/credit card(s), check-book, Passport, Social Security Card, etc.; it takes considerably more time to return your life to financial viability. If you should suffer such a loss, call the appropriate government departments (Licensing, Social Security, etc.) and financial institutions, THEN: Call Kirkland Police at 911 (on campus 9-911) and LWTech Security at #8611. With thousands of dollars of equipment in most offices and classrooms, it is imperative to lock these rooms when leaving, even for a brief moment. Record personal property information (make, model, serial number) with Campus Security. Report all thefts of personal and or College property, including home, auto, office, or classroom keys, to Kirkland Police at 911 (on campus, 9-911) and LWTech Campus Security (#8611) immediately.

  • NEVER leave your vehicle unlocked. Store valuables left in your vehicle in the glove box or trunk; keep your valuables out of sight. Valuables left in plain view are an open invitation for a thief to break out your window and relieve you of your property. Thefts such as these are crimes of opportunity; be smarter than the thieves, keep things out of sight and deny them the opportunity to steal from you and make you their victim. Report suspicious persons lurking about and/or thefts to Kirkland Police at 911 (on campus 9-911) and Campus Security (#8611) immediately.

  • WHEN walking at night, try to stay on well-lit walkways, and always, always walk with others. Remember, there's safety in numbers. Call Campus Security at 425-739-8224 for a Personal Safety Escort if you have no one else to walk with. Report suspicious persons to Kirkland Police at 911 (on campus 9-911) and Campus Security (#8611) promptly.

  • OBSERVE all Washington State traffic laws when on campus. Come to a complete stop at all Stop signs. No speeding or otherwise driving too fast for conditions. Observe all right - of - way rules at intersections, and always use your turn signals. Be cognizant of pedestrians at all times and REMEMBER: Pedestrians have the right of way! PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!



Drop, Cover & Hold

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Surviving a Fire


Shots Fired

Run, Fight, Hide

Run, Fight, Hide

Shakeout Drill

Shakeout Drill

Drop, Cover, & Hold

Lock-Down Procedures

Sexual Assault

Speak Out & Stand Up:
Sexual Assault

Using Fire Extinguishers

Using Fire Extinguishers