Campus Access Policy

During normal business hours Lake Washington Institute of Technology will be open to faculty, staff, students, parents, contractors, guests and invitees. During non-business hours LWTech facilities are locked; access is restricted to authorized students and employees through Campus Safety and Security or other on-duty College staff. During an extended closure, only authorized personnel will be granted access to Campus property and facilities. Campus Security Officers carry keys to all LWTech Buildings and are available during business hours to access buildings and rooms for authorized entry. Remember: Service calls such as this are prioritized; criminal or medical emergency calls have a higher priority than do building and/or room access calls.

Campus facilities may have different hours of accessibility; in such cases, these areas will be secured and accessed by appropriate persons in accordance with operating schedules as developed by the Department responsible for that facility.

Emergencies may necessitate changes and/or alterations from normal business hour access times; security assessments of campus facilities will be conducted, as needed. Administrators from Student Services, College Services, Facilities and Campus Safety and Security will periodically review results of landscaping, lock, alarm, lighting, and communication assessments to determine appropriateness of access schedules and alter schedules, as needed.