Missing Student Notification Policy

This policy contains the official notification procedures of Lake Washington Institute of Technology for missing students. The purpose of this policy is to promote the safety and welfare of the LWTech community and assist in locating members of the LWTech community who, to the best of our knowledge, are missing. If a member of the LWTech community believes a student is missing, he or she should immediately notify LWTech Security at 425-739-8224 (East Building, Room E-145).

Once the determination is made by Campus Security, a Missing Person Report (MPR) will be generated and LWTech will initiate an investigation and attempt to locate the missing person. If the missing person is under the age of 18 and not emancipated, LWTech will notify the custodial parent or guardian no later than 24 hours after that determination is made. Students have the option of identifying a confidential emergency contact person in place of their parents and registering that name with Campus Security.

After having gone missing for 24 hours, LWTech Security will notify the Kirkland Police Department (KPD) and the student's emergency contact.

The LWTech Missing Person Procedure is as follows:

  • Report missing persons directly to Campus Security; however, if another College student or employee takes the report, that person will immediately notify Campus Security. Once a report is received, Campus Security will obtain the missing person's photo ID, class schedule, and attempt to locate via a search of the missing person's vehicle (if on campus), checking into appropriate classes, and contacts with instructors, classmates, and other known friends.

  • No later than 24 hours after the person is determined to be missing, contact will be made with the missing person's parents or emergency contact. Local Law enforcement will be notified.

  • If LWTech Security, at any time after receiving the missing person report, finds indications of foul play, KPD will be notified immediately. Report missing persons to LWTech Campus Safety and Security at East Building, Room E-145; call #8611 or 425-739-8224, or e-mail us at security@LWTech.edu.