Security Updates

Courtesy Security Phone

In the event anyone needs to immediately contact Security, a wall-mounted phone is now located outside of the Security Office, E145. Users can directly dial on-duty security, on-duty Kirkland Police, custodial staff, or 911.

Fire Extinguisher Training Video

Need to update your knowledge on how to use a fire extinguisher? Watch the 15 minute Fire Extinguisher Training video. The video is also available in the library.

Exterior Door Alarm

An exterior door alarm is now located in the West Building, stairwell "A" on the second floor. If the door is opened, the alarm will emit a loud audible sound to prevent staff and students from using this exit door as a smoking area.  In the event of an emergency this door may be used.

Pedestrian Crossing Flags

New pedestrian crossing flags are available and located outside of the main entrance of the college. We encourage pedestrian use them to ensure everyone is safe and visible when crossing the street.  If flags are missing or require attention, please contact Security at ext. 8224.