Safety Update

Security Update - August 2014

As the 2014 fiscal year comes to a close, it's a good time to reflect and highlight areas addressed by your Security and Safety team over the last several months. In partnership with each of you, we are pleased to share some of the key milestones. Together we will continue to ensure we have one of the safest campuses in Washington.

All Buildings

Identification Badges
All staff is highly encouraged to wear identification badges. In the event of an emergency, this will aid law enforcement and other first-responder personnel. By wearing your ID badge you also assist visitors/guests to identify LWTech staff should they need assistance. As our partnership with Kirkland Police Department (KPD) continues to grow, KPD supports this direction and stresses the importance for our staff to possess and wear identification badges in the event of an emergency. This is an easy way to be involved and do our part for the safety of our campus.

Crime Prevention through environmental Design (CPTED)
Approximately twenty (20) exterior doors are now secured. This limits unnecessary access into campus buildings and ensures our ability to quickly lockdown the campus.

Emergency Prepared Packs

An emergency prepared pack is now stored in every floor supervisor cabinet. The packs contain an array of items (water, first-aid kits, blankets, food bars, etc.) that can be used during an emergency.

Portable Radios

In the event of an emergency, communication is extremely important. To ensure Security and local police can be quickly contacted, several additional portable radios have been disseminated throughout the campus.

Early Learning Center

Keypad Locks
To secure classroom doors, keypad locks have been installed. This allows children and staff to exit in case of an emergency and remain safe from those who may enter without permission.

Exterior Lighting
Exterior lighting has been installed to increase visibility for children and staff when utilizing classroom back exits in the case of an emergency.

Child-height handrails are now in place on classrooms emergency exit steps.

Allied Health/East/West Buildings

Interior Gates
To provide increased security when the campus is closed and during a lockdown situation, interior gates located on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor of the Allied Health/East buildings are currently being used to separate the two buildings.

Burglary and Duress Alarms
The East and West buildings are now fully equipped with motion detection alarms, i.e., an unalarmed west door on the first floor (allowing undetected access into the entire building) is now alarmed. In the cashier's area a duress (panic) alarm has been installed with the capability to immediately alert law enforcement, and a motion detector was installed to prevent person(s) from entering the cashier's cage after-hours.

Card Access
Fourteen (14) card access doors are currently being installed in the East building. The newly installed card access doors will provide increased security and will enhance our capability to quickly lockdown the building by computer in the event of an emergency lockdown.

Secure Areas
Exterior doors used as smoking area doors have been alarmed to prevent unauthorized personnel from using these doors to enter buildings undetected.  For example, the stairwell door located at stairwell "A" in the West building on the second floor.

Four catwalks located above the hallways in the east/west automotive hallways are secured to prevent individuals from gaining access to off limit areas.  The unsecured catwalks provided unauthorized individuals an advantage over emergency personnel entering the East building.

The welding compound has been hardened to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access into the area and removing equipment.  Additionally, temporary cameras have been installed in the welding and automotive compound areas to help identify person/s entering these areas and removing equipment/property.

An opening in the fence line on 132nd Ave NE, adjacent to the northeast parking lot that provided easy access for car prowls (vehicle break-ins) was secured. The access area was secured by putting in a small section of fence to deter individual(s) from using this area to easily access the north parking lot.

Public Announcement (PA) System

Five speakers were installed in the following areas: financial aid hallway, High School Programs office, fitness center (2), and Mercury Medical Technologies (IPZ) area. These areas desperately required speakers to effectively communicate to staff and students during an emergency or drill.

Horticulture Building

Exterior Lighting
Additional security lighting has been added to the exterior of the horticulture buildings to enhance security of the buildings. The added lighting will aid in deterring individuals from breaking into the horticulture buildings and removing equipment.

Tech Center Building

Crime Prevention through environmental Design (CPTED)
Approximately nine exterior doors have been secured, thus limiting access into the Tech Center building and allowing LWTech staff to have the ability to quickly lockdown the Tech Center.

Redmond Campus

Card Access
Four card access doors are being installed at the Redmond campus, to provide increased security and the capability to quickly secure the building by computer in the event of an emergency lockdown.

If you have questions or concerns about safety or security related issues, please feel free to contact Safety/Security at x8224 or at, and the Safety/Security Team will be happy to assist you.