Smoking Regulations

Lake Washington Institute of Technology recognizes the individual's choice with regard to tobacco use, provided the use is within the scope of the law: Tobacco use is prohibited by those under 18 years of age, and, smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of doorways, windows, or building air intake ducts.

State Law allows Colleges and Universities to restrict tobacco use to specific areas as long as those areas do not violate the 25 foot rule. LWTech has elected to regulate tobacco use on the Kirkland Campus as follows: As of September 19, 2011, tobacco use on the LWTech Campus is allowed only in:

  • The two fenced sheltered areas to the North end of each wing of the East Building

  • The sheltered area along the Fire Lane to the North and West of the Tech Center

  • The North Parking Lot

  • The South Parking Lot

  • The West Parking Lot

  • The Horticulture Parking Lot

  • The outside Tech Center Parking Loy

Note: Tobacco use is not allowed in any Fire Lane or Campus road, or, the WaNIC and Early Learning Center Parking Lots. Please respect the wishes of others in not being exposed to second hand smoke. Persons who fail to follow LWTech Campus tobacco regulations may be asked to show ID and face possible Conduct Code sanctions from the Office of the Vice President of Student Services.

Approved Smoking Areas

  1. Smoking Shelter #1: East Building, NW Entrance

  2. Smoking Shelter #2: East Building, NE Entrance

  3. Smoking Area #3: Outside Parking Lot, Tech Center

  4. Smoking Area #4: North Parking Lot

  5. Smoking Area #5: South Parking Lot

  6. Smoking Area #6:West Parking Lot

  7. Smoking Area #7: Horticulture Parking Lot

  8. Smoking Shelter #8: NW of Tech Center Fire Lane