Timely Warnings

Institutions are required to provide "Timely Warnings" and a separate, more extensive "Daily Crime Log." 


The Daily Crime Log is a public record of all crimes reported to LWTech Security. Institutions that maintain a Campus Police or Security Department are required to disclose, in the Daily Log, any crime that occurred on campus... or within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police or security department and is reported to the campus police or security Department. The Daily Crime Log lists the date and type of crime, and the location and disposition of the crime, when known. Unlike the Timely Warning, restricted to listed Clery Crimes, the Daily Log includes all crimes reported to Security; State definitions may be used to define these crimes. Reports must be logged into the Daily Crime Log within two business days; however, certain listed information may be withheld to protect victim confidentiality, ensure the integrity of ongoing investigations, or to keep a suspect from fleeing. Only the most limited information necessary may be withheld; even then it must be released, "once the adverse effect... is no longer likely to occur."

The Daily Crime Log must be available during normal business hours to employees and students as well as the general public (parents, local press, etc.). The Daily Crime Log will remain open for 60 days; subsequent to that, the Log must be available within two business days of a request for Log information.