Chartering an LWTech Student Club

Student Programs | East Building, E128 | (425) 739-8314 

Student chareted club communities develop opportunities for Lake Washington students to connect to their college experience in interesting, challenging and fun ways. The student chartered club process is an opportunity to build social networks, create academic connections, or learn something new.

Advantages to starting a campus community: when beginning a student chartered club community, you may apply for funding through the ASG, use the LWTech name and logo when advertising your group, fund-raise on campus, plan campus activities, represent your group at ASG meetings, free use of campus rooms. 

Beginning a new club is very easy. Any currently enrolled student may begin a campus club. All clubs are required to have the following, before chartering:

  • a chartering student free of any conduct santions
  • six (6) currently enrolled students interested in chartering a group to achieve similar goals, within the group; this includes the chartering student
  • a faculty or staff advisor assigned to guide the group, and be on hand to authorize activities and expenditures
  • a working constitution, found in the Chartering Club Packet.

Step 1 - Getting Started, Getting Chartered

The first thing you'll need to do is fill out the Student Club Chartering Packet. All the steps you need to understand are included in the packet. However, if you need assistance we are available via email, phone, or in person. Return completed packets to Student Programs, in East Building, room E128 with all appropriate information including signatures and email addresses.

Step 2 - Now What?

Plan to meet with the Director of Student Programs and the ASG Public Relations officer to learn more about the chartering process. You will also be asked to schedule and attend the weekly ASG Executive Board business meeting. You may also have another club officer/member attend in your place. At the meeting, the ASG Public Relations officer will present your charter to the ASG Executive Board. This will include: the group's name, purpose, completeness of application, activity information and faculty/staff adviser name. Generally, unless there are any issues or scheduling conflicts, most groups are chartered at the meeting. After being chartered through the ASG, you will work with your group to determine what you want to do. 

Step 3 - Training

All student chartered club communities are then required to attend training; "Club Finances and Fund-raising" and "Campus Event Planning". All training is interactive and gets to the heart of your questions. It will also help you begin to build your group so they may acheive their goals. Training is scheduled throughout the quarter and also available by request.

Step 3 - Start Planning! Campus Activities!

Planning an activity for your group takes time and planning. Depending upon the type of program you are interested in doing, you will want to make sure you follow all the appropriate planning steps. These steps are outlined and managed by Student Programs, who works with you through all those steps.

That's all there is to it! We hope you join the many student leaders that have come before to build an engaging student life.