Preparing to Meet with Your Adviser

Make the Most of Your advising appointment! Complete the steps below before you see an adviser.

  1. Determine what program(s) interest you. A number of resources can help:

  2. Become familiar with the college website. Check out the:

  3. Apply for Admission.

  4. Take the placement test or gather transcripts from previous colleges. Bring these with you to your appointment. It is particularly important to have transcripts showing classes you completed in English and Math. Unofficial copies of transcripts can be used for advising and registration.

  5. If you are a pre-nursing student, see Nursing Advising.
    If you are a pre-dental hygiene student, see Dental Hygiene Advising

  6. If you need an entry code for a particular class, bring your transcript from a previous college showing the prerequisite course.

  7. Bring all materials needed to share with an adviser at your appointment, such as transcripts and/or placement test scores from previous colleges.

  8. Arrange childcare if needed. Children can accompany you to campus. However, make sure you can give your full attention to the adviser during your appointment.

  9. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.

  10. Turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices during your appointment.