The "Hearing" Learning Style

  • You learn best when information is presented aurally and in an oral language format. You may find written instructions difficult.

  • You benefit from lectures and group discussions as well as listening to audio tape.

  • You "hear" the information when trying to remember something.

  • You learn best when interacting with others in a listening/speaking exchange.

Strategies for the Auditory/Verbal Learner

  • Join a study group or work with a "study buddy" on an ongoing basis.

  • When studying by yourself, read or talk out loud to aid recall.

  • Tape record your lectures. Use a recorder with a pause feature and a counter so you can avoid irrelevant information and note when important information was discussed.

  • Use audio tapes such as commercial books on tape to aid recall. Or, create your own audio tapes by reading notes and textbook information into a tape recorder. When preparing for an exam, review the tapes on your car tape player or on a "Walkman" player whenever you can.

  • When learning mathematical or technical information, "talk your way" through the new information. State the problem in your own words. Reason through solutions to problems by talking out loud to yourself or with a study partner. To learn a sequence of steps, write them out in sentence form and read them out loud.