Online Study Skills

Many other colleges, universities and other websites have useful information on study skills. These are some that we have found useful. (Links will open a new window.)

General Study Skills

Study Guides and Strategies

Multilingual resources site for test taking, reading/retention and study skills

How to Study

Resources to test prep, note taking, reduce test anxiety, etc.

Study Tips and Test Taking Strategies

Resources and websites from Marquette University's Educational Opportunity Program

Online Study Skills Workshop

Virginia Tech's online resources for improving test performance, increasing reading comprehension/memorization, time management and more.

University of Minnesota Counseling & Consulting Service

Study Skills on a variety of study skills including test anxiety

Memory Techniques

Ohio University Academic Advancement Center
Study Skills Resources including a great section on memory and how we process information.


Memory improvement techniques

Testing and Test Anxiety

Campus Blues

Mental Health resources for college students (Anxiety, Stress, the "Blues" etc)

University of Buffalo Counseling Center

Resources on Test Anxiety

Time Management

Time Management Calculator