Reading Textbooks

Did you ever find yourself reading a chapter in a textbook and not being able to remember what you read? Use the tips below to improve your reading habits:

Where should you read?

  • Pay attention to location. Read in a place where you are likely to stay awake and focused.

  • Choose a location that has adequate lighting and ventilation.

When should you read?

  • Whenever you are faced with the least distractions!

  • The time of day when you are most awake.

  • Notice when you are no longer paying attention. What are you thinking about? Keep a worry sheet handy.

How to read?

  • Begin by surveying what you are about to read. Look at the major heading, the charts and pictures, read the summary, study the review questions.

  • Read only one paragraph at a time. Do not mark as you read.

  • When you finish the paragraph, write a question about it in the margin of your textbook.

  • Now highlight or circle the answer to the question in the paragraph.

  • Next cover the text and ask yourself the question written in the margin.

  • Recite the answer in your own words.

  • You are now ready to read the next paragraph.

Why read this way?
It may take you longer , but . . .

  • You can read short bits at a time

  • You never have to re-read the chapter.

  • You practice test questions in advance.

  • It is a systematic way to study.