Test Taking Tips

Follow the FROG . . .

  • Focus

  • Relax

  • Organize

  • Go for your goal

During the week(s) before the test

  • Prepare your own test review while reading the textbook.

  • Create a Test Preparation Plan for the week before the exam. Use an old test if available.

  • Recite main concepts and supporting facts to review.

Day/Night before the test

  • Sleep and try to avoid caffeine

  • Arrive early & bring all needed materials

  • Be comfortable and alert

  • Choose a spot that is comfortable

  • Stay relaxed and confident


During the test

  • Answer easy questions first, then move to more difficult ones

  • Pass over questions that you are unsure about initially, return to them later.

  • Do not second guess yourself

  • Review before you leave

Avoid common reasons for errors on tests

  • Studying: Not enough, focusing on incorrect/non important material

  • Reading questions wrong or partially

  • Not stopping to think critically before answering the question

  • Not enough time