How to Transfer

1. Research and Explore
Start thinking about where you will transfer and what major you will pursue.


2. Get More Details

  • Contact colleges and universities. Visit their campuses, meet with advisers and ask to sit in on classes. Get contact information at Transfer Agreements.

  • Find out application requirements and deadlines, including:

    • Required GPA

    • Foreign language courses

    • When the college accepts students into your chosen major

    • Will you be able to apply as a transfer student? If you must meet freshman admission requirements, you may need to submit your high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores.

  • Learn about prerequisites for your major and ask if there are equivalent courses you can take at LWIT.

3. Plan Your Approach

  • Make a plan to complete your courses at LWIT. Meet with your faculty adviser and an adviser in the West Building, Room W207 to determine classes that will assist you in transferring.

  • Prepare yourself academically. Take challenging classes that include significant amounts of reading and writing.

  • Start collecting materials you may need for your application(s). These may include:

    • Transcripts from previous colleges

    • High school transcript

    • Letters of recommendation (give authors at least 3 weeks notice)

4. Don't Forget Finances

  • Turn in the Application for Federal Student Aid as soon as possible after January 1 of the year you plan to transfer. Complete any other application materials for financial aid at your chosen college, making sure you meet any deadlines.

  • Look for scholarships a year to six months before you plan to transfer. Resources:

5. Apply!

  • Application. Print out the college's application from the Internet. Read all directions and make sure you have all required materials to apply. Get separate application materials for your major if needed.

  • Application Essay/Personal Statement. Start working on your essay at least three (3) weeks ahead of the application deadline so you will have plenty of time to revise it. Resources:

    • Attend the How to Write a Great Personal Statement Workshop. See the Scholarship Tips for next date.

    • Staff in the Writing Center, Technology Center, Room T217, can proofread your essay.

  • Transcripts. Request official transcripts from Enrollment Services, West Building, Room W201 or via email at least two weeks before the application deadline. Provide the address of the college(s) where your transcript should be sent.

  • Complete the application on paper or online and submit it with all required documents before the deadline.

  • Pay the application fee. Most four-year colleges charge around $50 to apply. Ask the admissions office if you have questions about paying this fee.

You're on the road to a Bachelor's Degree!

For more detailed transfer information, see an Adviser.