Test of Essential Academic Skills

Important: You are advised to schedule an appointment 2 to 4 weeks in advance due to holidays, test volumes or academic assessment deadlines. Please see Testing Calendar for test dates.


What is the TEAS Test?

This computerized test is designed to measure your skills in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. These skills are essential in your academic success in health occupation programs including Nursing and Dental Hygiene.

I.  The TEAS contains four subtests. All subtests contain multiple-choice items with one correct answer.

Content Area

Number of Questions

Time Allowed



58 minutes



51 minutes



66 minutes

English and Language Usage


34 minutes


209 minutes  (3 hours, 29 minutes)

The Reading subtest covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions.

The Math subtest measures knowledge of whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions and decimals, algebraic equations, percentages, and ratio/proportion.

The Science subtest covers science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, basic physical principles, and general science.

The English subtest measures knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, contextual words, and spelling.

Composite scores are computed in each of these four areas. Sixteen subscores are also generated to assess specific content mastery.

II.      At the test station, you will need to:

  • Log on to the ATI website and Sign-In using your ATI username and Password.

  • Once you have signed-in, you will be on the Student landing page. From the main menu on the top of the screen, click on My E-Learning.

  • Enter the Assessment ID given to you by your proctor then click Begin Assessment.

  • Open the Test Instruction Page and click YES. While you are reading the test instructions, your Proctor will approve your test.

  • Once you have read through and understand the instructions, click the Start Assessment button at the bottom of the page.

III.     You are allowed two 5-minute breaks during the TEAS Test - if needed:


  • Instead of proceeding to the next section immediately, you may take a break at the end of the current section.

  • Only one test-taker is allowed to leave the testing room at a time.

IV.   Calculators are not permitted for the test.*

V.   You will have two pencils and three pieces of scratch paper.

  • Please bring scratch paper out to Proctor when you complete the test.

VI.    No communication is permitted between examinees while taking the assessment. We will periodically walk the test floor.  Should you need more scratch paper or pencils or have a question, please raise your hand or let us know.

VII.   DO NOT CLICK OUTSIDE OF THE TESTING WINDOW! The action will be recorded with your test result.

VIII.  DO NOT CLOSE THE TESTING WINDOW for any reason! DO NOT CLICK "STOP ASSESSMENT" without consulting with the test administrator.

IX.   WITHIN each test segment (i.e. Math, Reading, Science etc.) you are allowed to skip questions and return to them later by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page - if time allows.

  • Pay attention to the top of the page to keep track of your progress - example:



Time Remaining

1 of 40

1 of 8


  • Any questions that are not answered will be scored as incorrect.

X.  When you have completed your test, click FINISH and then PRINT to process score report. Reports are also available for future viewing by clicking on My Results from the main menu.


Who Takes the TEAS?

The TEAS is a required component of the application for admission to the Nursing and Dental Hygiene programs at Lake Washington Institute of Technology

  • Important: Lake Washington Institute of Technology accepts TEAS version 5 only.


When Can I Take the TEAS at LWTech?

The TEAS is offered by appointment only every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with exceptions for holidays or scheduling changes/conflicts. Please check the Testing Calendar for more information.


How Do I Make An Appointment?

You must have a LWTech Student ID# to schedule a testing appointment . You will get the ID# via email in 2-3 working days.


Remote Testing

If you live outside of Washington state or the regional area, you may arrange to take the TEAS test remotely at another college testing center.


Are Re-Takes Allowed for the TEAS?

Lake Washington Institute of Technology allows students to re-take the TEAS test once per 365 days, after a minimum 30 day wait period.* 

Students are responsible to keep track of when they may re-test and schedule the testing appointment appropriately. 

*Scores from LWTech or any other institution must adhere to the above re-test procedure to be considered valid for LWTech admissions requirements and prerequisites.


What Do I Need to Bring on the Day of My Test?

  • Valid Government-issued photo ID such as your driver's license, passport or military ID 

  • LWTech Student ID number. You may obtain one at Enrollment Services, West Building, Room W201

  •  ATI username & password. Register at ATI Testing

  • Test fee

    • The fee for the TEAS test is $55.00, payable to LWTech at the time of the exam

    • LWTech accepts cash, credit cards, checks or money orders

All testing materials are provided. You are not allowed to use a calculator, dictionary, or any other personal items for this exam. All personal belongings, including cell phones, must be stored in the lockers outside W204 prior to testing.


What is the Fee for the TEAS?

The proctor fee for the TEAS test is $55.00, payable to LWTech at the time of the exam.


How Can I Prepare for the TEAS Test?


When Will I Get My TEAS Score?

You will receive 1 copy of your test results immediately after the exam. An official copy of your scores will be submitted to LWTech admissions office at no additional charge. You may view your test results by logging in to the ATI website.

An official copy of your scores will be submitted to the LWTech admissions office at no additional charge if you selected LWTech when obtaining your user name and password from ATI.  You may view your test results by logging in to the ATI website and clicking on the results tab at the top of the page.


How Do I Send My TEAS Scores to Another College?

To send your TEAS results to another college, you may order an electronic transcript at ATI Testing. A $20.00 fee is required by ATI.  


I Took the TEAS Test at Another Testing Center, How Do I Transmit My Scores to LWTech?

To transmit your TEAS results to LWTech, you may order an electronic transcript at ATI Testing A $20.00 fee is required by ATI.