LWTech Confidentiality Policy

All records in the Counseling office are personal and confidential. This information can only be released outside this office with your written consent. Privacy of your records extends to situations where a client is referred by a faculty member, administrator, family member or friend.

Counseling records are not part of the educational record. The records are kept separate from other administrative documents kept on campus and notations about counseling are not made on a student's official college record.

Client confidentiality is protected under Washington law and information cannot be released except (RCW18.225.105):

  1. With the written authorization of that person or, in the case of death or disability, the person's personal representative;

  2. If the person waives the privilege by bringing charges against the person licensed under this chapter;

  3. In response to a subpoena from the secretary. The secretary may subpoena only records related to a complaint or report under RCW 18.130.050;

  4. When the counselor has reasonable cause to believe that physical or sexual abuse or neglect of a child, dependent adult, or developmentally disabled person has occurred or might occur; if the client presents as a danger to self/others (as required under chapter 26.44 or 74.34 RCW or RCW 71.05.360 (8) and (9)); or

  5. To any individual if the person licensed under this chapter reasonably believes that disclosure will avoid or minimize an imminent danger to the health or safety of the individual or any other individual; however, there is no obligation on the part of the provider to so disclose.

Other exceptions to confidentiality include:

  1. In order to conduct regular college business, Student Services staff members have access to the Counselor's calendar.
  2. It may be necessary to confirm or deny your attendance in counseling to a college employee, e.g., if it concerns student conduct or safety.  If this is necessary, the counselor will inform you and will only release confirmation about attendance. 
  3. The counselor may seek consultation from another professional in order to provide you with the best possible service and ethical treatment.  In this situation, your identity will not be disclosed.  

If there are concerns regarding the Confidentiality policy, please contact either the Counselor, Neera Mehta (425)739-8211 or Dean of Students, Dr. Ruby Hayden, (425)739-8208.

If you would like to know more about your rights and responsibilities as a client and how the counselor practices, please review the Informed Consent form.