Faculty & Staff Resources

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)
BIT is a multidisciplinary team established to identify students in distress who are exhibiting behaviors that may impede their academic success and provide early interventions that are supportive instead of punitive.  Please report any unusual student interactions that may be considered dangerous to Ruby Hayden.

Guidelines for Handling Student Behavior
As staff and faculty, we are faced with a variety of student behaviors on a daily basis. Student behaviors can be classified into 3 categories: Conduct violation, At-Risk and Emergency/Crisis.  Provided here is a handout on Guidelines for Student Behavior that fall in all 3 categories. Please review frequently and use to take the appropriate and necessary steps to handle student behavior.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides assistance to Washington state employees and their families. They help resolve personal and work-related issues that are impacting work performance. EAP's compassionate professionals have many years of experience helping people like you. Their services are confidential, accessible, respectful, effective and solution-focused.