Obligations and Rights of Students

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is obligated to provide reasonable accommodation to an otherwise qualified student with a known disability. What is appropriate for a student is a case-by-case determination.  A student who seeks accommodations under this policy is responsible for documenting the nature and extent of the disability. The college will work collaboratively with the student in determining the appropriate accommodations.  To ensure that needed accommodations are provided in a timely manner, the student shall:

A. Provide timely notice and documentation of the nature and extent of the disability, and the accommodations requested, to the student services office. Some accommodations may require some time to arrange. Requests for accommodations should be received by the college at least one month prior to beginning the assessment process, when possible. Lack of advance notice may delay the availability of an accommodation.

          B. Provide such additional documentation on the nature and extent of their disability as the college may require to determine appropriate accommodations. Such documentation may 

          include, but is not limited to, identification of tests administered, test results, description of the covered disability, and recommended accommodations.

          C. Cooperate with the disabled student services office to develop an appropriate curriculum plan and reasonable accommodations.

          D. Promptly notify the disabled student services office of any problems encountered in receiving the agreed-upon accommodations.

            E. Promptly notify the disabled student services office of any change in enrollment, including courses dropped or added. Disabled student services places a hold on registration,  

             which requires that office's approval before any courses are added.

F. Show due diligence in providing information requested by the disabled student services office within the established guidelines. 

If you feel your rights have been violated due to your disability, and you have not received a satisfactory resolution from the DSS office at LWTech,  you may choose to contact the Office of Civil Rights at the US Department of Education to file a complaint:

Office of Civil Rights
U.S Department of Education
Washington, D.C. 20202-1100
Phone: 1-800-421-3481
TDD: 1-877-521-2172
Email: ocr@ed.gov
Web site: www.ed.gov/ocr