Prospective DSS Students

This is an overview of the steps you must take to get started with DSS. You may apply for services at any time. However, timely application (4-6 weeks before the start of the quarter) will help facilitate timely approval and setup of your accommodation(s).

If you have questions about this process or need assistance please contact the DSS office by phone at (425) 739.8300 or email at 

Step 1: APPLY FOR ADMISSIONS to Lake Washington Institute of Technology

If you are new to the college, complete and submit an LWTech admissions application. You can submit an application online or request additional information on the Enrollment Services page.


Step 2: MEET with DSS Staff

We encourage you to meet with the DSS staff to get you started. You can also discuss what kind of medical documentation you will need to request from your physicians or other medical professionals.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment by phone at (425) 739-8300 or email



Step 3: TAKE THE COMPASS Placement Test

The COMPASS is an untimed, multiple-choice assessment given in a quiet environment on a computer.  If you need alternative testing accommodations, please discuss this with a DSS advisor prior to taking the assessment.

You can take the COMPASS at the Assessment Center located in the W204.   For more information, please see the Assessment Center's website.




Step 4: ATTEND ORIENTATION for New Students

The Lion’s R.O.A.R. (Resources, Orientation, Advising, Registration) session will explain what you need to do to begin at LWTech, and introduce you to services to help you succeed in college. You’ll also learn how to select and register for classes as well as how to access online services.





Step 5: SUBMIT Medical Documentation

As part of the eligibility process, you are responsible for providing medical documentation. Documentation should be a clear, medical/clinical evaluation of your disability reflecting any functional limitations you may have in an educational setting.

Please refer to the documentation page to find out what is required for your specific disability. You should review and share this information with your physician or professional before submitting. The documentation can be submitted in-person, by fax, email or mail and should be done so prior to your intake appointment.

The DSS office does not offer disability testing or assessment. We may, however, be able to refer you to professionals in the community who provide these services.


Step 6: SCHEDULE Intake Appointment

After you have submitted your medical documentation, you are ready for the intake appointment. Please schedule this appointment by calling (425) 739-8300 or emailing

The intake appointment is lasts about one hour. By this time, your medical documentation has been reviewed by the DSS Coordinator. This one-on-one intake meeting will give you an opportunity to identify your needs, understand DSS procedures, discuss academic goals, and determine accommodations that will ensure access.

During the intake, you may request specific accommodations. You will also be informed of all additional resources available on campus.


Step 7: REGISTER for Classes

You are strongly encouraged to meet with the DSS staff or academic advisor prior to registering for courses. The DSS staff can provide general academic advising in your intended degree and create a detailed educational plan to map out your future quarters. We can also connect you with your faculty advisor for specific information.   Advising is located in the same office as DSS in W207.





Step 8: REQUEST Letters of Accommodation and CHECK OUT Equipment

You will need to stop by the DSS office during the first week of the quarter to request your letters of accommodation be emailed to your instructor(s). The DSS office does not email the accommodation letter without your expressed consent. You should sign in to the computer by the front counter and wait to be called.

During this time, you can check out digital recorders, LiveScribe smart pens, lumbar chairs, carbon notebooks and anything else DSS provides for your classes.