Connect Card

Receiving Financial Aid at Lake Washington Institute of Technology?

If so, please read the important Information regarding financial aid disbursements at the college below!

Connect Card brochure (pdf document)

Connect Card
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  • Beginning Winter Quarter 2013, LWIT will partner with Higher One, a financial institution that specializes in assisting colleges with financial aid disbursements. If you are expecting a financial aid refund in winter quarter, you will now have three options to receive your refund:
  1. A checking Account with Higher One: aid refunds may be accessed through a Debit Card

  2. Higher One will deposit your refund directly into your checking account with another bank

  3. You may receive your refund as before as a paper check (please note that effective winter quarter, paper checks will be mailed directly from Higher One; mail time is approx. 5 -7 days)

  • Make sure your address is up to date with Enrollment Services!

  • Upon receipt of your card, you may visit the Higher One website and select your option to receive your financial aid refunds.