Title IV Loan Code of Conduct

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, Lake Washington Institite of Technology will act in compliance with all requirements that prohibit a conflict of interest that may arise regarding Title IV loans. To prevent any real or perceived conflict of interest, the college will follow the guidelines below.

  • Ban on revenue sharing: The college will not enter into any revenue sharing arrangement with any lender.

  • Ban on gifts: The college will not accept gifts from lenders, guaranty agencies, or loan servicers. Staff members may, however, participate in meals or refreshments provided for meetings or training workshops as long as the events are open to all attendees or are included in a registration fee.

  • Prohibition of consulting or contracting arrangements: The college will not participate in contracting or consulting arrangements with any lender.

  • Prohibition on assigning lenders to first time borrowers, and steering borrowers to particular lenders or delaying or refusing loan certifications based on borrowers choice of lender: The college will not steer or assign a potential borrower to a particular lender, and will not delay or refuse to certify a private loan based on lender choice.

  • Prohibition on offers of funds for private loans: The college will not request or accept offers of funds for private loans from lenders.

  • Ban on staffing assistance: The college will not accept financial aid staffing or call center assistance from any lender.

  • Ban on advisory board compensation: Staff members will not accept any compensation for advisory board particiaption or consulting services to lenders.