Worker Retraining

The Washington State Legislature appropriated funds to provide retraining opportunities for dislocated and unemployed workers in the state of Washington. The Worker Retraining Program continues to give priority service to the dislocated workers with substantial tenure.

The Worker Retraining Program (WRT) financial aid dollars are intended to serve displaced workers who need retraining. Each recipient must have an educational plan that consists of a coherent sequence of courses leading to reemployment. Because funds are limited, Lake Washington Institute of Technology may be unable to fund all students who are eligible.

Worker Retraining Orientation
Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m.
West Building, W213C.

Fridays at 12:00 p.m.
West Building, W213C.


Worker Retraining Eligibility

The Worker Retraining Program provides tuition assistance, plus career counseling, academic guidance and other benefits to individuals in career transition such as laid off workers, displaced homemakers, and formerly self-employed individuals. Military veterans, honorably discharged in the last two years, may be eligible for help with cost of books.

Resources & Benefits

Worker Retraining is available throughout the many professional/technical programs offered at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Pursue a degree or certificate, or just upgrade skills with an individualized training plan.