Workplace Skills

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The Workplace Skills Program provides basic skills customized for the needs of specific workplaces and workers. Instruction occurs at the workplace wherever possible and is linked to other training or organizational activities. Our goal is to assist businesses to employ, maintain, and promote emploiyees whose skill gaps affect their ability to be productive.

The Workplace Skills Program stabilizes employment opportunities for these capable workers who lack basic skills. It helps these workers to maintain employment, achieve skills, benefit from other training opportunities, and participate fully in their workplaces.

The Key to Greater Employee Motivation and Retention

Our Workplace Skills Program offers classes in basic skills coordinated with the workplace environment conducted onsite at the workplace.

Employees Can Learn

  • Reading skills

  • Writing skills

  • Computation

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

  • Computer skills

ESL Employees Can Learn

  • Pronunciation

  • Clarification Skills

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading/Writing

"The ESL program has enriched our organization. Our employees demonstrate more involvement in their departments. The communication with supervisors & guests has greatly improved." - Sherrie Homer, Human Resource Director, Doubletree Hotel

How it Works

Lake Washington Institute of Technology provides

  1. Project coordination customized to the workplace

  2. Curriculum consultation and development using:

    • Procedural instructions

    • Company manual

    • Company newsletter

    • Other relevant workplace materials

  3. Instructional services

    • Professionally certified instructors with real world experience

Your Company Provides

  • Employee released time for class

  • A contact person with the project built into his/her job assignment

  • Active support of participant recruitment

  • Curriculum development and program design assistance

  • Cooperation with evaluation activities

  • Adequate facilities and supplies (i.e., chalkboard, pens, etc.)

Outplacement Services

  • Resume writing

  • Interviewing skills

  • Interest inventory

  • Job readiness

  • College placement testing and advising