Lake Washington Institute of Technology students are responsible for working with his or her adviser to meet all degree or certificate requirements. Automated degree checks are available for various academic programs and time periods through online services on the campus website.

To receive a preliminary evaluation before the final quarter starts, students must apply to graduate by the second week of the preceding quarter. Students should apply to graduate by the fourth week of the preceding quarter. Applications received after that may be deferred to a future quarter.

Commencement is held yearly in June. Students who complete a program during the preceding Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, or the following Summer, are invited to participate.

Graduation is recorded on student transcripts two-to-four weeks after the end of the student's final quarter. Certificates are sent to students at that time. Degrees are sent to students four to six weeks after the end of the final quarter.

Some programs offer other special awards that are not posted to the transcript.

In accordance with state law, students are expected to complete their degree and certificate programs within a suitable length of time or number of credits. See Enrollment Services or the student handbook for details.

Lake Washington Technical Academy Diploma

A Lake Washington Technical Academy High School diploma is awarded to students who complete all OSPI requirements while enrolled as students in good standing. This is a total of 11 high school credits in core requirements of English, math, science, social sciences, and 11 high school credits in electives. A total of 22 credits are required for the Academy High School diploma. Commencement is held in June of each academic year.

High School Completion

An adult high school diploma is awarded through LWIT for adults 19 years of age or older who did not complete requirements for a high school diploma. Minimum credits required are 19 high school credits. For information and evaluation of an official high school transcript, contact High School programs, West Building, Room W210, (425) 739-8107 or via email.