Glossary of Terms

There are very specific acronyms for roles and pieces of the LionsLink project. 

  • LionsLink: LWTech’s name for localized project work for ctcLink.
  • BPM: Business Process Mapping – Creating a flow chart of how an individual process is currently done. For example, creating a course master in our legacy student management system (SMS). All legacy system processes will be mapped to help determine what and where change will occur as we move to PeopleSoft. 
  • DG6: Deployment Group 6 – State community colleges have been grouped into six groups based on their readiness to move to PeopleSoft. LWTech is in the final group along with Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, Columbia Basin College, Renton Technical College, South Puget Sound Community College, Walla Walla Community College, and Yakima Valley College.
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning software – For the statewide ctcLink project the new ERP software is PeopleSoft which will replace our legacy software of SMS, PPMS, FMS, and FAM. 
  • FAM: Financial Aid Management – part of our current legacy system used to manage financial aid for students
  • FirstLink: The first colleges to go onto PeopleSoft – Spokane Falls, Community College of Spokane, and Tacoma.
  • FMS: Financial Management System – part of our current legacy system used to manage financial transactions 
  • Legacy: The term used to refer to the system we are replacing with PeopleSoft. It includes SMS, PPMS, FMS, and FAM.
  • OCM: Organizational Change Management – An intentional process that helps organizations work through the people side of large-scale changes like the ctcLink project. The change model adopted by the ctcLink project is Prosci’s ADKAR.
  • Pillar: Pillars are the name for the broad categories of work done by the PeopleSoft software. There are three pillars: Human Capital Management (employees), Campus Solutions (students), and Finance (financial operations).
  • PM: Project Management/Manager – Large-scale projects require organization, tracking, and coordination of people, technology, training, budget, and leadership. Project management is a methodical way of making sure projects get implemented successfully. Project managers lead the operational side of implementing projects, while organizational change managers lead the people side. 
  • PPMS: Payroll and Personnel Management System – part of our current legacy system used to manage payroll and personnel processes.
  • SME: Subject Matter Expert – In the ctcLink project, SMEs are the go-to people for specific business processes. The SMEs will be involved in business process mapping, change impact analyses, training in the new system, and helping end-users use the new system.
  • SMS: Student Management System – part of our current legacy system used to manage courses and student information.

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