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LWTech Spotlight
Instructor, Peter Welty, discusses properties of light during a demonstration in the Photonics Technology Lab.
LWTech’s Photonics Technology students learn the fundamentals of electronics through a series of courses before diving into hands-on learning in a state-of- the-art laser lab, equipped with everything students need to gain an understanding of optics, light, and laser alignment. Photonics is not only a  eld in and
of itself, but is also applied to a number of other technology  elds, including information technology, biotechnology, engineering, manufacturing, and homeland security. The demand for photonics technicians around the U.S. exceeds the supply of graduates in this  eld. LWTech’s Photonics Technology certi cate program provides pro ciency training
in the principles and applications of optics and
lasers, preparing students for careers in a variety of organizations where photonics equipment is used. The program also features co-op opportunities with local business partners, such as Synrad, enabling students to get industry experience prior to graduation.
“Synrad is very proud to partner with LWTech,” said Charlie Webster, President and General Manager of Synrad. “I think every business needs to understand that it’s a part of the local community. And that’s an obligation to contribute, but it’s also an opportunity to build value. I think LWTech is that opportunity for us
to give back, connect, and share, but also to cultivate perhaps the next layer of talent that helps take our company forward. We’re excited about LWTech because it’s a very applied institution where people see the value-add of the lasers and industrial processes today,” he added.
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Running Start
LWTech’s Running Start program is just one of many dual enrollment options o ered at LWTech. Available to eligible high school juniors and seniors, the program o ers small class sizes,  exible schedules, and knowledgeable instructors with
industry expertise.
“There is more freedom in Running Start compared to my high school,” said Tyler Fisher, a former Running Start student who is
now working toward his Business transfer degree.
“The workload is more demanding, but I have more  exibility and more time to work on the assignments than I would in a traditional high school setting.”
50+ students graduate annually with both an Associate Degree & High School Diploma
LWTech’s students earn high school and college credit simultaneously, and tuition is free, making Running Start a smart choice for anyone who wants to jumpstart their college career and save money. “It gave me a solid goal to think about. I didn’t have a plan for college or what I really wanted to do before coming here. Now,
I have a set plan for my future,” said Fisher.
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