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   Professor Neha Kardam helps an Electronics program student.
    Electronics Technology
According to the Zion Market Research report,* jobs in the Electronics Technology field are on the rise as the Industry plans to grow by eight percent by 2025. To match the fast-paced Industry, LWTech has partnered with Industry leaders
to offer degree and certificate options in our Electronics Technology program for those looking to start their career or re-train for the workforce.
“I’ve been working in aerospace for a little
over three years now at Korry Electronics,” said Danny Hofer, LWTech Electronics Technology alum. “Before I entered the program, I had no experience with electronics, but I decided to study at LWTech to progress my career which has allowed me to move up in my company.” Within the first year of the program, students receive an introduction to electronics, computer literacy, career planning, data acquisition and analysis, and electronics manufacturing testing techniques. Students learn in a hands-on
environment so they’re
learning firsthand how
to use industry technologies
like a printed circuit board (PCB)
to conduct lab experiments.
“We are seeing the Industry move
towards developing and manufacturing consumer
based electronic products like gaming PC’s, home appliances
and computer software,” said Neha Kardam, chair of the Electronics
Technology program. “Our main goal in this program is to prepare students by incorporating what is being done in
the Industry now, in the classroom.”
“Our main
goal in this program
is to prepare students
by incorporating what is
being done in the Industry
now, in the classroom.”
–Neha Kardam, Chair, LWTech Electronics Technology Program
Students have the unique opportunity to do site-tours and meet with potential employers from some of the world’s biggest companies who are located in the Seattle area. To help with future job search, Industry recruiters often visit classrooms to provide students with resume and job interviewing tips to be successful. Students are often encouraged by faculty to use the freedom of the electronics curriculum to explore new areas and to challenge themselves by working on variety of projects.
“There is a lot of freedom in this program in deciding what to explore for projects,” said Hofer. “My group decided to build a self- operating rover from scratch. It required mechanical and electrical design, programming, and a lot of coordination with each other.”
Starting in the fall of 2021, our electronics program will be offering eight NEW program certificates for students to choose from based on their desired career path.
“It doesn’t matter what your background is, anyone who is interested can learn Electronics,” said Kardam. “If you are looking to progress your career in Electronics or are looking to re- train, this is a great program that will prepare you for an ever-expanding Industry.”
To learn more about the LWTech Electronics Technology program, visit
                                                * to-Reach-USD-32-05-Billion-By-2025-Zion-Market-Research.html
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