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                With in-depth instruction, focused hands-on training in light and optics principles, photonics enabled systems applications and troubleshooting, maintenance,
safety precautions, clean-room regulations, and reporting preparations, graduates will be prepared to immediately enter the Photonics field.
“Employers have positions open, yet struggle to
find skilled labor. Photonics, for example, is one
of the fields where they have trouble filling open positions. The demand for technicians in these fields is at an all-time high, with a projected growth rate of between five-percent and nine-percent. Starting salaries for an entry-level position are higher than the national average," said Roufael.
The collaborative partnership between Industry and LWTech will continue to create a direct funnel of well-trained students into the workforce. When asked about why it’s important for Industry to engage and be involved with program development at LWTech, Twitchell commented, “Education and Industry partnership is the bedrock of success and longevity.”
For information about the Biomedical Device Assembler and Laser and Optical Technology Programs visit
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  Biomedical Device Assembler students, Fikralem Gebremedhim (L), and Nathan Suss (R), set up a laser experiment.
 “...knowing that I could earn a certificate in two quarters, use the skills I learned quickly, get a job, and make a difference in the biomedical field
was something I wanted to do.”
–Fikralem Gebremedhim, Biomedical Device Assembler student

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