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       Gap in STEM Fields
 Dr. Narayani Choudhury, Dr. Amber Wyman,
Math Professor Anatomy and Physiology Professor
  really fortunate that I had a teacher from fourth to sixth grade who was amazing and encouraged girls in math class.
I’m carrying that forward.”
Dr. Narayani Choudhury, who has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Math,
Physics, and Computer Science, contributed to a key discovery on a new state of water, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Lab, while teaching at
Michelle Judy, Math Professor
to pursue aerospace engineering. She joined the U.S. Navy so she would be able to pursue her education through the GI Bill, and she was the first member of her family to graduate from college. While earning her Master’s degree, and for several years after, she worked at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, Andrews Space,
and Analytical Methods, Inc.
           LWTech. Health Sciences Dean, Dr. Aparna Sen said, “My students saw me as a role model, and I loved guiding them in this field,” Sen previously taught at LWTech before becoming Dean. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology, and previously researched vaccine development for HIV/AIDS and
“When I first started in Industry, I showed up to a program meeting and found myself sitting at a table with 20 men. Over time, companies have realized that a shift toward diversity is necessary, but the process has been underwhelmingly slow,” comments Bostwick.
Bostwick’s hope is that faculty can continue to encourage and empower a diverse group of individuals to be the next generation innovators in STEM fields. She adds, “Changing our approach to teaching and assessment is just one of the ways we can break down barriers. Providing access to technology, mentoring and other support services will ensure all students have the means to succeed in STEM, which will ultimately lead to new innovations.”
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On the cover: LWTech highlights some of our female STEM professors (clockwise): Priyanka Pant, Science; Neha Kardam, Electronics Technology; Dr. Narayani Choudhury, Math; Alexandra Vaschillo, Computing and Software Development; Kim McClure, Science;Dr.GayleShimokura,PublicHealth;SherryMcLean,Math; Dean, Dr. Aparna Sen, Health Sciences; Michelle Judy, Math; Sue Kuestner, Math; Shwetambhri Kaushal, Electronics Technology; Barcin Acar,Science; Dr. Amber Wyman, Anatomy and Physiology; Stephanie Bostwick, Engineering Transfer
         “Once I started
eing the gender gap in
, having female instructors uraged me to keep going. d someone teaching me
I was able to relate to, and hey were that successful,
d see myself in their shoes, being successful too.”
LWTech Anatomy and physiology instructor, Dr. Amber Wyman wasn't pushed to go into the science field when she was younger. “Iwasn’tencouraged,so that’s something that I try to encourage people who think they aren’t smart enough, or too old to go back to school," said Wyman. “I was 40 when I
     –Amanda King, Biology DTA/MRP graduate
got my Ph.D.”
Engineering, Physics and Math instructor Stephanie Bostwick told her parents she wanted to be an astronaut. So, at 17, she started flying, and decided
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