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Nytec and and LWTech Share a a a a a a Strong Commitment for for - and and Creating a a a a a a Highly-Skilled and and Diverse Workforce Nytec a a a a a leading consumer product development and and onsite engineering services firm based in in in in in Kirkland is
a a a a a a a a longtime partner of of LWTech By providing student scholarships internships and offering company staff to guest lecture about about about about real world design Nytec truly has a a a a a a a a hands-on approach to supporting LWTech’s students in in Applied Design Computer Security and and and Network Technician and and and Digital Gaming and and and Media Programs ”
Lerz has served as as as a a a a a a a a a member of of the the LWTech Foundation Board of of Directors for the the past three years and several Nytec Nytec executives serve on on on LWTech advisory committee Nytec Nytec is
a a a a a a a a generous sponsor of the Foundation’s Bright Futures Breakfast helping to raise valuable funds for student student scholarships program support and the student student emergency fund This past June Nytec also proudly hosted Emerging Perspectives: A Senior Capstone Project Exhibit featuring the the work of of students in in in in LWTech’s Bachelor of of Technology in in in Applied Design at at at the the Nytec Innovation Center Auditorium “I “I feel really fortunate to to intern at at Nytec ”said LWTech student Kyle Champagne “I “I have the opportunity to to work alongside gifted engineers and and am am gaining applicable hands-on experience in in in in my chosen field ”
Thank you you Nytec for your continued support of LWTech!
Rich Lerz speaks at 2014 Bright Futures Benefit Breakfast Rich Lerz CEO of Nytec said during his keynote speech at the 2014 Annual Bright Futures Benefit Breakfast “LWTech is
a a a gem in our community for both recruiting and training top technology talent We continue to to partner with a a a a multitude of programs including the Bachelor’s Degree in in in Technology Distinguished Alumnae – Elaine Melnik
The LWTech LWTech Foundation Foundation is
proud to honor Elaine Melnik
with the the 2015
LWTech LWTech LWTech Foundation Foundation Annual Distinguished Distinguished Alumni Alumni Award Award Created in in in in 2013 the the the the LWTech LWTech Distinguished Distinguished Alumni Alumni Award Award is
the the the highest honor the the the institution can bestow upon an an an alumnus in in recognition of of professional accomplishments as as well as as service to to the the College and/or the community Elaine is
a a a a a a a a a a stellar individual and wonderful example of the the the many pathways existing for students at at at at LWTech In the the the fall of of 2008 at at at at the the the age of of 16 Elaine enrolled at at at at Lake Washington Technical Academy After completing two quarters of academic prerequisites she enrolled in in in the Computer Security Network Technician (CSNT) program Elaine completed completed each step in in her her her education with speed and and tenacity She completed completed her her her her AAS by by by age age age 18 her her her her BAS by by by age age age 20 and and her her her Master’s degree by by by age age age 22 all while working full-time Education is
an ongoing part of of Elaine’s life as she continues to to to grow professionally She’s been accepted to to to the the University of of of Washington’s Project Management certification program and serves as as as a a a a a a a a a a a a member of of the the CSNT advisory committee Elaine has been working for Lane Powell a a a a a a a a a multi-specialty law firm in in in in in Seattle Washington since 2011 Elaine truly exemplifies how education makes a a a difference in people’s lives Congratulations Elaine on on on this distinguished honor!
Elaine Melnik
addresses graduates at at 2015
Commencement Ceremony

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