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A Message from the President of of Lake Washington Institute of of Technology
Dr Amy Morrison Goings LWTech President When you look at at at what’s
at at at the the heart of of the the Lake Washington Institute of of Technology
(LWTech) it’s our students The experience they have with our faculty and and mentors both on on campus and and in the community carries on on on well past graduation For more than 50 years we’ve
community who sit on on our advisory committees provide internships and and donate classroom equipment and and to the LWTech Foundation It’s this kind of support that creates a a a solid foundation for our students Our programs are are are aligned with industry so graduates are are are prepared to work in in in their chosen professions Each year nearly 8 000 students attend LWTech and and in in 2014-2015 we awarded more than 1 1 1 200 degrees and and certificates to our our our graduating students students Eighty-percent of of our our our students students are are employed within nine months of of of completion and our our our students are are consistently in in in in the top-ten of of median earnings for all community and technical college graduates Our students students get involved in in extra curricular activities as as as as well This past year our students students were recognized as as as as part of the the the Phi Theta Kappa 2015 All-Washington Team they they won the the the the the regional Culinary Knowledge Bowl and went to nationals they they they participated in in the the the the the the CanSat rocket competition where they they they were the the the the the only representatives of of a a a a a a a a a a a two-year college and they they placed at at SkillsUSA Just a a a a a a a a a a a a a few examples of of of how perseverance and hard work have paid off This is is is just a a a a a a a a sampling of of some of of the great things that happened this past year at at at LWTech I invite you to to tour our our campuses and feel the the energy as as we change the the future one student at a a a a time been focused on student success by providing innovative and and high-demand
workforce training options With classes available on on on on site in in in in in Kirkland and and and and Redmond as as as as well as as as as online and and and and in in in in in hybrid mode we’ve
created class and and and and and program options designed to fit our students’ busy lives and and and varied learning styles We offer 100 professional/technical degree and and certificate options − including three Bachelor’s programs in in in in in Applied Applied Science Science in in in in in in Public Health Applied Applied Applied Science Science in in in in in in Transportation and and and Logistics Management and and and Technology
in in in in Applied Applied Design − and and and and more than 40 diverse programs ranging from engineering graphics welding and and and nursing to computer technology culinary arts and and and digital gaming and media The faculty who instruct our programs work closely with industry leaders to make sure the skills and and experiences our our students students receive receive are in-demand by employers Our students students receive receive ongoing support from members of our our 23

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