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Messages from the LWTech Foundation
Bright Futures for Students and Industry!
Dave Ferguson LWTech Foundation
Dear Friends What an an exciting and inspirational year! On behalf of of the LWTech Foundation
Board of of Directors I would like to to thank you you for your incredible support of LWTech As a a result of your generosity the LWTech Foundation
(Foundation) reached several important milestones in our quest to to actively engage
Dick Dick and and Diane Haelsig Endowed Scholarship Fund:
Board members and and and longtime LWTech volunteers Dick Dick Dick and and and Diane Diane Haelsig Haelsig announced the the the creation of the the the Dick Dick and and Diane Diane Haelsig Haelsig Endowed Scholarship Scholarship Fund at at at the the the LWTech Foundation
Scholarship Scholarship Reception in May Dick and Diane’s generous gift will provide two annual student scholarships in perpetuity Supporting Programs: The Foundation
continues to to provide support to to to terrific programs throughout campus sending students to to regional and national competitions providing key program resources offering student student emergency assistance and and helping faculty and and staff keep their skills current through professional education Your support makes a a a a a a difference! With your continued partnership we are able to to ensure students have the the opportunity for for for growth We look forward to to another year of creating bright futures for for for students and industry in in our community businesses and and the community in in in in in supporting LWTech its its students and and its work in in in in in building a a a strong economy Student Scholarships: The promise of a a a a a a better life begins with education This past year the Foundation
proudly awarded more than $100 000 in in in student student scholarships to highly motivated hardworking students attending LWTech 2014 Bright Futures Benefit Breakfast: In November our annual fundraising event raised a a a a a a a a a a record-breaking $100 000 for student student scholarships program program support and the student student student emergency fund The program program featured inspiring student student testimonials a a a a a a a a a a a keynote address by Rich Lerz Foundation
Board Member and and CEO of Nytec and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a delicious breakfast prepared by LWTech’s talented culinary and baking arts students 45

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