Page 6 - LWTech 2014-2015 Annual Report
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Our Mission
To prepare students for today’s careers and tomorrow’s opportunities Our Vision
To be the college of choice for for workforce education Vision
Lake Washington Institute of Technology is recognized by students business community and peer organizations as as the choice for for innovative workforce education because we:
• Value diversity and and welcome students from all backgrounds and and levels of educational attainment • Create educational opportunities and and support for for students to achieve success and and prepare for for life- long learning • Distinguish ourselves by o o o o ering creative cutting- edge hands-on education • O er students choices to achieve their education education goals through applied pathway-based education education education from basic education education and certi cate programs to baccalaureate degrees • Teach using the latest industry standards and and cross-discipline approaches to prepare students for immediate and future employment • Empower faculty and sta to reach their potential in a a a a a a a a a a a a a supportive environment that values collaboration transparency respect and integrity • Work in in in partnership with business and and industry as as well as as local and and and global organizations to foster economic vitality and and create prosperous communities • Thrive in in in state-of-the-art facilities that use the the the latest learning and and business technologies to enhance the the the delivery of education and and our internal operations • Implement innovations that result in in in a a a a a a a a a nancially- sustainable organization Core Themes
Lake Washington Institute of Technology is accessible to to the community by providing multiple entrance points and educational pathways The college is a a a a a a a a a conduit
for students to to upgrade their their skills transition into new careers or or further their their education and training Student Achievement
At Lake Washington Institute of Technology students gain the the the skills and and knowledge needed to to to achieve their educational goals and and to to participate in in the the the workforce External Engagement
Lake Washington Institute of Technology forms partnerships with governmental and and community organizations educational institutions business and and labor in in in order to e e e e e e e ectively support the Institution’s mission College Community Lake Washington Institute of Technology provides a a a a a a a safe supported and and and engaging learning environment environment for for students and and and work environment environment for faculty and and and sta 67

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