Degrees & Curriculum

The following degrees and certificates are offered as part of the Engineering Transfer program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech).

2021 Spring Schedule

All courses will be taught online during Spring 2021.

Section Code Meaning
L1-L10 Online (This course is offered asynchronous, fully online with no scheduled class sessions.)
R1-R22 Remote (This course is offered synchronous, fully online with scheduled class sessions.
See entry in class schedule for days and times of required, online class sessions.)
2021 Spring Quarter Engineering program course schedule schedule
ITEM Dept CRS# SEC Class Name Instructor CR Start End Days Room
6110 ENGR 100 L1 College Success Engr Bostwick S 3.0 ARR ARR ARR ONLINE
6113 ENGR 110 R21 Intro To Engineering I Bostwick S 5.0 6:00P 8:50P ZOOM
6115 ENGR& 114 R1 Engineering Graphics Short A 5.0 12:00P 02:50P MW ZOOM
6120 ENGR& 204 R1 Electrical Circuits Bostwick S 5.0 6:00P 8:50P TTh ZOOM
6125 ENGR& 214 R1 Statics Bostwick S 5.0 12:00P 2:50P TTh ZOOM
6130 ENGR& 215 R1 Dynamics Zupke C 5.0 12:00P 2:50P TTh ZOOM
6135 ENGR& 224 R1 Thermodynamics Zupke C 5.0 12:00P 2:50P MW ZOOM
6140 ENGR  240 R1 Applied Numerical Methods Zupke C 5.0 3:00P 5:50P MW ZOOM

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