Student Information

On behalf of the LWTech community, congratulations on your significant academic accomplishment! You are now entering a new phase of your academic career and we hope to celebrate your accomplishment. Please use this information here, and on the right hand navigation, to learn how you and your guests may attend the ceremony. 

Ceremony Registration

All graduates will be required to register to attend the ceremony.

Register for the Ceremony

Important Commencement Information

Facial coverings are not required and LWTech supports individual's choices to wear facial coverings.

Commencement Eligibility Requirements

Students receiving a certificate or degree, listed below, may attend the ceremony, if the degree or certificate was received in summer quarter 2023, fall quarter 2023, winter quarter 2024, spring quarter 2024, or summer quarter 2024.

  • Applied bachelor's degree
  • Associate degree
  • Certificate of completion or proficiency
  • GEDยฎ and adult high school diploma

If a student is completing a degree in Fall Quarter 2024, they are not eligible to participate. Instead will be eligible to participate in the 2025 Commencement ceremony.

Graduates may attend the ceremony as an audience member and are not required to be in the ceremony, if they choose.

How to Buy a Cap and Gown

Student regalia is a tradition for all commencement ceremonies and shows you have completed a great educational milestone. All graduates intending to be in the ceremony must wear a cap, unaltered gown, and tassel.

  • The regalia package is for sale in the college bookstore beginning late April or early May.
  • The package price is determined every year and ranges from $40.00 to $45.00.
  • The package includes a cap, gown, and tassel.
  • The size of the gown is determined by height and weight. Generally speaking the bookstore orders enough stock for a wide choice of sizes. If you need an accommodated size, please contact the bookstore and ask them to order early. You may also work with Office of Student Life for further assistance.
  • Regalia packages are yours to keep. If you would like to donate your cap and gown to Office of Student Life we will accept it and help another student defray the package cost.

Applied Bachelor's Students

Students receiving a applied bachelors degree will wear black gowns.

Associate and Certificate Students

Students receiving an associates degree or a certificate will wear blue gowns.

Other Accouterments

Students are able to wear additional accouterments, especially if important to their identity. We ask that any additional accoutrement worn does not block to view of the person sitting behind you. Students are also able to wear additional cords, pins, or appropriately celebratory accouterments provided by their academic programs.

Gown Information

All graduates are required to wear the gown, hat, and tassel. Gowns may not be altered and must be worn fully zipped to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

How to Receive Academic Honors

Academic honors are a symbol of academic achievement at LWTech. An honor cord is a token consisting of twisted cords with tassels on either end, awarded to our students meeting the following LWTech established eligibility requirements:

  • 3.9 โ€“ 4.0 Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor, gold and silver cords)
  • 3.75 โ€“ 3.89 Magna Cum Laude (with great honor, gold cord)
  • 3.5 โ€“ 3.74 Cum Laude (with praise, silver cord)

How to Receive Your Cord

  • Honor cords are free to all eligible students. To pick up a cord, visit Office of Student Life in East Building, E128 and bring photo ID, after June 3, 2024. Cords will only be physically handed to the student eligible to receive the honor.
  • If you qualify for an honor cord after Spring quarter grades are posted, you are eligible to pick up a cord at that time, but not before.
  • If you are not able to visit Office of Student Life, we will accommodate schedules by staying open later, scheduling an appointment or having cords available at the ceremony.

How Honors are Calculated

  • Honors are established by the calculation of all college level classes (100 or above), from the beginning of the LWTech transcript through the winter quarter of 2024. 
  • Exceptions to this can be made if all spring quarter grades are posted to your transcript.
  • Enrollment Services manages all transcript information and all bestowed academic honors are based on information provided from that transcript.
  • For programs that begin at one college and end at LWTech, honors will only be bestowed based on the LWTech transcript, not another college.


  • Commencement announcements are available for purchase through the college bookstore, beginning in early May.
  • There are no limits on the amount of announcements each graduate may purchase, so please purchase them as early as possible.


  • Invitations are available from the college bookstore, beginning in early May.
  • Invitations include the college's seal and ceremony information. 


  • A one page program outlining the event will be available for free to all students and guests.
    • All graduate names, and other commencement celebratory information, will be available online, viewable via a QR code/URL.
  • Please keep your commemorative copy provided on the day of the ceremony.


11100 NE 6th St, Bellevue, WA 98004

Personal Car Parking

Meydenbauer Center offers a 3 level underground parking garage with 434 parking stalls and 6โ€ฒ 9โ€ clearance. Additionally, the garage houses 9 disabled parking stalls next to the building elevators for convenience. ADA parking stalls are reserved next door at The Bravern for overweight vehicles.

Parking at the Center is only available to graduates and guests traveling in their car. Parking will be available for all guests after all graduates have arrived.

Public Transit

Located across the street from Bellevueโ€™s transit hub, metro use is a great, cheaper option to getting to our building. Buses from all over the greater Seattle area stop at the Bellevue Transit Center throughout the day. Additionally, multiple park & rides are located nearby for local commuters.

  1. Graduates must arrive by 12:30 p.m. Main hall doors open at 12 p.m. and all guests are welcome to attend at that time, or arrive later in the day.
  2. Check into the student room on the fourth floor of the Meydenbauer Center. 
    • All guests will remain on the first floor and enter the main hall to find seats; including being escorted to assigned accommodation seating.
  3. Check in includes picking up your name card. You must have your name card before you line up for the ceremony entrance.
  4. All graduates will be lined, in two lines. Bachelor receiving graduates will be lined first and all other degrees will be lined behind Bachelor Degree graduates.
  5. Graduates may be lined in any order. The college does not line graduates in any order.
  6. At 1:30 p.m.,college staff will begin lining all graduates.
  7. At 1:45 p.m. college staff will lead graduates to the second and first floors to enter the hall.
  8. Graduates are directed to their seats.
  9. The ceremony proceeds.
  10. College staff will direct graduates when it is time to cross the stage to receive their diploma cover. 
  11. College staff will direct graduates back to their same seat.
  12. The ceremony continues until all graduates have crossed the stage.
  13. College staff will direct graduates when exiting the hall. 
  14. All graduates will follow their line, through faculty, and be lead to the second floor. 
  15. Graduates are welcome to meet their guests at that time.