Participating in a Club

Once a club is started, club advisors, officers, and members have responsibilities and resources to manage the activities of the club. All club officer are required to receive training when they begin or change positions. Contact the Student Programs Coordinator to receive training if you have not done so yet.

Canvas Groups for Clubs

All club members can enroll in the Canvas Course for Clubs, and each Club has its own Group within the Clubs Course. In Canvas club advisors, members, and officers can access:

  • Current member list
  • All forms (all required forms will be submitted through Canvas)
  • Club procedures and policies
  • Calendar of all club events
  • Discussions with other student clubs
  • Resources and ideas for club activities
  • Historical club documents (from past years)

If you are not part of this Canvas Course, you can enroll yourself. If you have trouble accessing this, contact the Student Programs Coordinator.

Club Operations

Being a member entails:

  • Participating in club activities and meetings
  • Voting on club matters, including officers, events to hold, how to spend funds, etc.
  • Non-members may still participate in club events, and members may decide to stop participating at any time
  • Any currently enrolled student at LWTech is eligible to be a member

Officers are responsible for leading the club, following club policies, and submitting required paperwork. Clubs should have at least one officer but can have more as needed.

The traditional officer positions are as follows, but clubs can add/change titles/responsibilities as needed. Officer responsibilities and election process should be stated in the club's constitution.

  • President
    • Organize club functions and lead meetings, determine how often/when/where meetings will take place, provide leadership in goal setting for the club, and developing enthusiasm and excitement among members
  • Vice President
    • Assist the President in leading the club, take over in case of Presidentโ€™s absence
  • Records Officer
    • Take and distribute official meeting minutes (record of what takes place at meetings), record clubโ€™s history (list of events, pictures, etc.), keep track of clubโ€™s activities for the year
  • Treasurer
    • Accurately track financial records (work with Student Programs to do so), update club members on available funding, manage fundraising efforts
  • Events Coordinator
    • Implement event ideas of club, complete forms with Student Programs (to reserve space, order supplies, etc.)

More information about officer responsibilities is available in the Clubs Canvas Course.

In order for a club to receive funding and support, they need remain an active club. To be considered active, the club officers must:

  • Submit annual renewing form (available on Canvas) during the first quarter they will be active that year
  • Have at least one student officer attend club training once a year

Active clubs receive $300 per year. Clubs can request additional funding through the Event and Professional Development Funds.

Club officers and members should meet regularly during the quarter to plan club activities, set goals, and engage in the purpose of the club. Club advisors can reserve space for meetings.

Clubs can hold events, fundraisers, and travel as an official organization of LWTech. In order to receive funding, support, and liability coverage for an event or activity, clubs must register the event by submitting the appropriate forms.

All forms are available in Canvas. The steps for gaining approval for events are:

  1. Submit an Event Registration Form
  2. If purchasing materials or food, submit an I Want To Buy Something Form
  3. If fundraising, submit a Fundraiser Authorization Request Form
  4. If needing marketing support, submit a Marketing Request Form
  5. If traveling submit a Travel Request Form

All forms must be completed at least 30 days before the date of the event or travel. All forms will be reviewed by the Student Programs Coordinator and then submitted to the appropriate campus departments to fulfill the requests.