Page 24 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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Technology Building, T313 (425) 739-8137 Elearning@LWTech.Edu
The eLearning department at LWTech provides support for online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses using the Canvas learning management system. Canvas trainings for students are offered. Schedule a training via the online calendar request form or visit the link. Find your next learning opportunity by visiting our eLearning training calendar.
Employment Resource Center
West Building, W207 (425) 793-8113
The Employment Resource Center (ERC) offers career exploration and job search assistance to students, and alumni. The ERC is a Worksource Connections site and includes community- based organizations that can assist students with job search and training opportunities. Whether students are looking for a first job, needing a part time job while attending school, or are ready to start a career after graduation, the ERC focuses on providing tools needed to reach employment goals. Services include:
• HIRE LIONS – Search for current jobs, internships, and student employment opportunities related to your program of study, post a resume and apply to jobs online; to register go to
• Job search information and resources at the ERC website
• Job search resources and assistance by appointment
• Resume, interview, and networking assistance
• Career exploration workshops and resources
• Labor market information
• Information on local job fairs and hiring events
• On-campus employer recruiting opportunities
• Computer, fax, copy machine and phone are available to assist in job searches
Library Learning Commons
Technology Building, T215 (425) 739-8320
         Legend is a software system that connects students, faculty, and staff at LWTech. As students
 meet with both Faculty Advisors and Academic Advisors (Navigators), notes and academic
  plans can be shared. Students are able to take ownership of their education, see all services
 available, and raise a hand if they need help. Our goal is to engage and support students,
 ultimately seeing them to their goal of graduating! Log in online.

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