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Campus Emergency Alert System Service
Sign Up for Alert System:
The campus emergency alert systems are available to faculty, staff, students, family and friends, and area community members. These two systems send emergency alerts anytime there is a campus emergency or an unplanned campus closure.
Emergency Closure Information
In the event of a college closure, tune to local radio and TV stations, or visit the web for information on college operations.
First Aid Information
To prevent spread of disease through contact with human blood or bodily fluids during emergencies, and in selected clinic courses, wearing protective gloves is advised. For courses with potential exposure to blood or body fluids, protective equipment is available in the classroom. First aid kits are available in many locations across the campus, as shown on campus emergency flipcharts. Dispose of used first aid products with Facilities and Operations.
Evidence demonstrates that some batteries and chargers in motorized self-balancing scooters, popularly called hoverboards, are dangerous and prone to explosion, creating a substantial safety and fire risk. The safety of our students and our entire campus community is important. LWTech prohibits the use, possession, or storage of hoverboards in any of our campus buildings or on campus property.
Lost and Found Service
Unclaimed (found) items on campus should be turned in to Campus Public Safety. To inquire about lost items contact Campus Public Safety or simply visit and enter Lake Washington Institute of Technology to view lost and found items.
Personal Safety Escorts
If faculty, staff, or students feel unsafe while walking across campus LWTech Campus Public Safety offers personal safety escorts.
Smoking on campus is not a right. Generally, LWTech is a smoke-free campus. However, the college nonetheless recognizes the privilege of personal choice. Smoking on campus, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is limited to the following designated-smoking areas ONLY:
• In the fenced areas on the west and east wings of the east Building (facing north) • The North Parking Lot
• The South Parking Lot
• The West Parking Lot
• The Horticulture (SW) Parking Lot
• The Tech Building Outside Parking Lot (Outside parking area ONLY)
Washington State Law prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any campus building entry door, window, or building air intake. Smoking is prohibited on all fire lanes, campus roads, and sidewalks. Do not litter the grounds with cigarette or cigar butts; put all cigarette and cigar butts

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