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To initiate an appeal, please complete the Academic Notice Appeal form. You will need the following information to complete the form:
• Name
• Student ID
• Email address
• Last quarter of attendance
• Describe the circumstances that resulted in academic notice level three or four
• Describe how these circumstances have been resolved
• Describe your plan for academic success if you are re-admitted to the college
• Describe other factors the vice president should know about the situation
Administrative Withdrawals
You may be administratively withdrawn from an individual class or all classes in a particular quarter for the following reasons. In all cases, tuition refunds will follow LWTech’s posted refund policy.
• Failure to meet prerequisite requirements: Many classes require completion of prerequisite coursework to ensure students are prepared for course content and rigor. Students must meet the requirements of a class either by grade, transfer coursework, placement score, or faculty permission.
• Conduct sanctions: When a student is found in violation of one or more of the student conduct codes published in the student handbook, administrative withdrawal may be selected as an appropriate sanction.
• Non-attendance: In order to maximize enrollment opportunities for all students, instructors may request the Enrollment Services office to administratively withdraw students who (1) Do not attend the first and/or any subsequent class meetings AND (2) Do not notify the instructor in advance of the absence.
Grade Forgiveness
In order to compensate for the effects of circumstances in a student’s past that may have negatively affected his or her GPA, LWTech offers a grade forgiveness policy. This procedure can be accomplished through an appeal filed with the registrar. The following criteria must be met to be eligible for such an appeal:
1. Grades must be three or more years old.
2. Only quarters including credits graded below a 2.0 may be forgiven.
3. Grade forgiveness can include one or several quarters from a prior census point back,
as requested by the student.
4. The student must demonstrate a 2.0 GPA in all decimal graded courses taken after the
last date of the period for which a student is requesting forgiveness.
All courses in a given quarter are removed from the GPA but remain on the student’s transcript. This appeal can be requested by turning in a letter of appeal to the registrar in Enrollment Services. A determination will be made whether grade forgiveness is appropriate on a case-by- case basis.
NOTE: Grade forgiveness can only be granted once.

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