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Open Doors
Students who have less than a 2.4 grade point average, and are behind in credits, may be served through the Open Doors program. Students receive additional academic support during a foundation period of two quarters. Open doors students may begin Fall or Winter quarters.
Running Start
The Running Start program is a partnership between LWTech and local public high schools. Students classified as high school juniors and seniors may apply. Applications are available in the high school programs office.
Getting Involved On Campus
There are many ways to be involved in your college’s student life. Being a student government officer, joining or starting a student club or volunteering with academic programs are pathways to Creating Resources for Engagement and Wellness (CREW) involvement. See the information listed below or visit the Student Programs office to learn more about these opportunities.
LWTech Associated Student Government (ASG)
(425) 739-8707 East Building, E128
An active LWTech student government provides excellent leadership opportunities for students as well as a forum for student’s issues. Involvement in ASG offers students a chance to:
• Learn and practice leadership skills.
• Be involved in the campus community.
• Contribute to your quality of life when at the college.
Student government is a group of students selected by a cross member committee, during spring quarter, to fulfill the constitution and by-laws for LWTech students. A president, vice president, records officer, finance officer, and public relations officer staff the executive board. Check with Student Programs for opportunities to serve as an ASG officer. All officers must have a 2.0 grade point average, be enrolled for 6 or more credits, and have no pending student conduct issues.
ASG Committees
Throughout the year, ASG looks for students to serve on various college committees. There are a variety of committees that need student input. To sign up for a committee, visit East Building, E128.
Services & Activities Fee
The ASG and college trustees annually approve a services and activities fee based budget. Among other things, these fees make up the student government budget that funds clubs, campus activities, student employment positions, tutoring, childcare services and student focused emergency grants. Please take advantage of these and more opportunities by getting involved. For more information, contact Student Programs or an ASG officer.
Technology Fee
The ASG, LWTech student body and Board of Trustees approved a technology fee for use by students to fund on-campus technology improvements. This fee is managed by the college and

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