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Accommodations and Absences for Reasons of Faith or Conscience – Students 43 Animals on Campus 45 Campus Sex Crimes Prevention and Registered Sex Offender Procedures 45 Sex Offender Risk Level Classification 47 Children on Campus 48 Drugs and Alcohol 48 Harassment 48
Title IX Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures 50 2.P.17 50 Introduction 50 Definitions 51 Who May File a Complaint 54 Confidentiality and Right to Privacy 54 Investigation Procedure 55 LWTech Law Enforcement Relationships and Jurisdiction 57 LWTech Education and Prevention Related to Sexual Misconduct 58 Primary Prevention and Awareness Programs 59 Ongoing Prevention and Awareness Campaigns 59 Conflicts of Interest and Abuses of Power: 60 Grievances, Appeals, and Complaints 61 Limitation of Liability 62 Student Dress 62 Student Protection 62 Students as Minors 62
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Welcome to LWTech!
Hello Students of Lake Washington Institute of Technology. On behalf of the Associated Student Government, I would like to extend an invitation to get involved at school, to enrich our community and collective experience. We are continually working towards creating and maintaining an environment of equity, inclusion, and progress, socially, and educationally. At ASG and LWTech, we want to ensure that you, as a student, have the resources and support you need to reach your goals and get a great education. It is important to have a space where we can all voice our concerns and celebrate our accomplishments with faculty, fellow students, and student government. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is something you need help with, you are not alone. Here’s to a great and productive school year. We are with you.
-Ted Sabol-Williams, 2021-2022 Associated Student Government President

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