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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
registration, orientation to LWTech, medical insurance enrollment, cultural adjustment support, and assistance with applying for Practical Training work experience.
If you are seeking admission as F-1 student contact the International Programs & Global Education Office for an application and admission assistance. Applicants are encouraged to apply early, until one month prior to the quarterly orientation date. This allows time to obtain proper visas. International transfer students within the United States may apply up until two weeks prior to the quarterly orientation date. Mandatory orientation tailored for all new international students, including transfer students, occurs one week prior to the start of each quarter.
Many international students begin their studies in the Intensive English Program before progressing to academic programs. If you are an international student and have not completed high school in your home country you may be eligible for the international high school completion program. This allows you to take courses that will help earn high school and college credits at the same time.
High School Programs West Building, W210 (425) 739-8107
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Lake Washington Technical Academy
Lake Washington Technical Academy offers eligible high school students ages 16 – 21 an opportunity to earn a high school diploma while concurrently working toward a college degree or certificate. Enrollment is limited and there is an application process. If interested you must:
 Be at least 16 years of age and not yet 21 before the 1st of September  Not have earned a high school diploma but may have earned a GED  Have completed grade 10
 Attend a required orientation and meet all eligibility requirement
 Complete a selective admissions process including essays and an interview
After admission processes are completed advisors will make a recommendation whether or not to admit. Admission recommendation will be to either the Academy as a direct entry student, or the “Open Doors” program.
Direct Entry
 For those who have a high school grade point average of at least 2.4 and are on track to graduate may be selected to enter the academy directly. Students may start any quarter.
Open Doors
 For those who have less than a 2.4 grade point average, and are behind in credits, may be served through the open doors program. Students receive additional academic support during a foundation period of two quarters. Open doors students may begin Fall or Winter quarters.
Running Start
The Running Start program is a partnership between LWTech and local public high schools. Students classified as high school juniors and seniors may apply. Applications are available in the high school programs office.
(LWTech), the High School Program's comprehensive approach to
student selection is the product of national best practices, bounded by state regulation, and supported by
intensive training and a dedicated, professional, highly qualified team. One point to emphasize is that meeting
the eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance

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