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Enrollment Services
West Building, W201 (425) 739-8104
Enrollment Services coordinates a variety of services for students to get them admitted and enrolled. Below, are descriptions of services offered.
Incoming Transcript Evaluation Procedures
West Building, W201
Evaluation of credits will only occur for admitted students at LWTech. Use the following steps to have courses from other accredited colleges transferred to LWTech:
• Official transcripts may be brought, electronically sent, or mailed to LWTech. If transcripts are brought to the college they must be in a sealed envelope. The initiating school (the college you attended) may also mail or electronically send transcripts to LWTech.
• For the year you attended the prior college either college catalogs or course descriptions must be submitted to Enrollment Services. Additional information may be required and not all courses may be transferable. Evaluation of out-of-state and international transcripts and non-technical courses more than five years old may require additional review.
• Transfer of technical courses requires faculty advisor review. Faculty may or may not accept for transfer technical courses more than five years old.
• Credit may be awarded for advanced placement, international, baccalaureate, or CLEP credits.
Student Toolbox
Student toolbox helps manage your educational career without waiting in line. Accessing these services requires using the student identification number (SID) and personal identification number (PIN); typically set as a student’s birthday in month/day/year (MMDDYY) format. These services allow access to manage the student’s account, register for classes, and monitor waitlists status. Financial aid application status can be checked through the Student Portal on the financial aid webpage.
Specific Class Wait Lists
When registering for a full class, students may add their name to that classes’ waitlist. Once added, check the waitlist status using student toolbox. Check the student toolbox “my schedule” to verify class registration, if the waitlist disappears. Students may remove their name from the waitlist using the student toolbox “waitlist” option. Students are encouraged to attend the first day of class regardless of waitlist status. The instructor is able to add or drop students from the class.
Full and Part-Time Student Status
LWTech considers students enrolled in 12 or more credits full-time enrolled. This corresponds to financial aid full-time enrollment status. Some programs may require higher quarterly credit loads to complete requirements in a specific time period. Some external agencies use different credit values to calculate full-time status. LWTech considers students registered for fewer than

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