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12 credits part-time. Please consult the Financial Aid Office for definitions of three-quarter time, half-time, and less than half-time.
Withdrawing from Courses
Course withdrawal occurs when a student drops a course in person at the Enrollment Services office, through web services, in writing, by signed fax, or using a college generated email address to contact the Enrollment Services department. The ability to drop courses via web services ends at the end the of the 100% refund period as noted online. Withdrawing from a class funded with financial aid may reduce financial aid eligibility. Contact the Financial Aid department for information to determine eligibility.
Transcripts and Grades
A transcript is the official record of all courses and received grades. Students may request official transcripts by ordering them online through National Student Clearinghouse. Students may also order transcripts with a records request. Use Student Toolbox to access unofficial transcripts.
Degree and Certificate General Requirements
Use the college catalog for each academic or technical program’s course and graduation requirements.
Change of Program Process
Students wanting to change programs must complete a change of program form prior to the beginning of the quarter. Students changing programs may need to wait for available space or quarter start (for cohort programs) to begin the new program.
Apply for Graduation
To complete a degree or certificate use the apply for graduation form. You will receive email correspondence describing the status of your application. Walking in graduation ceremony is a different process. Visit the Student Programs department or High School Programs department to learn more about walking in those graduation ceremonies.
Student Development Services
Academic Advising Services
West Building, W207 (425) 739-8300
Academic Advising staff help students make academic decisions related to program choice, registration requirements and success strategies while enrolled at LWTech. Students are encouraged to see an adviser regarding the following:
• New Student Advising
• Academic planning (completed before or during the first quarter) • Health Science pre-requisite advising
• Registration process; entry codes for academic courses
• Interpretation of placement assessment results

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