Services & Activities Fees

The Services and Activities fee is a fee assessed to students attending Lake Washington. The fee is included in tuition and almost all enrolled students pay this fee. The total projected budget developed from this fee is managed by the Student Programs department and the Associated Student Government.

Annually, the ASG Budget Committee establishes a student majority committee to determine how those fees should be distributed back to the student population. The ASG Budget Committee engages in several processes to ensure the student opinion is represented. To learn more about the annual budget, visit the Associated Student Government office or email the ASG Finance Officer

ASG Budget Development Process

Many students don't know that they pay the Services and Activity fee, or S/A fee. This fee is used by the Associated Student Government to fund student focused support systems, within the college.

The fees are assessed through quarterly tuition. Annually, the ASG Executive Board calls for budget requests. The ASG Budget Committee then works to disseminate funds throughout the college. These funds provide: student jobs, campus activities, support of student communities, programs, and other amenities throughout campus.

The budget development process begins every winter quarter. To volunteer for the ASG Budget Committee, please contact the ASG Finance Officer.

Expenditures from Assigned Budgets

The following information is intended to inform the college community and public of expenditure amounts made from state assigned budget categories; as a requirement of RCW 25B.15.045 Expenditures are made from Services and Activities Fee based; (522-264) budgets, as managed by the Associated Student Government, Student Programs and Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

For questions regarding this information, please;contact the ASG Finance Officer, or Student Programs at (425) 739-8314.

Salary and Wages (A) $516,044.00

Benefits (B) $100,977.00

Contracting (C) $0.00

Goods and Services (E) $90,741.00

Travel (G) $26,158.00

Capitol and Fixed Assets (J) $1,062,520.00 (remodel occured)

Non-Fixed Assets (K) $1,348.00

Grants/Contracts (N) $61,208.00

Transfer $19.000

TOTAL $1,877,996.00

Salary and Wages (A) $489,611.00

Benefits (B) $87,998.00

Contracting (C) $150.00

Goods and Services (E) $133,738.00

Travel (G) $ 68,727.00

Capitol and Fixed Assets (J) 361.00

Non-Fixed Assets (K) $0.00

Grants/Contracts (N) $15,495.00

Transfer $19,000

TOTAL $815,080.00

Salary and Wages (A) $504,756.59

Benefits (B) $91,022.53

Contracting (C) $0.00

Goods and Services (E) $119,796.13

Travel (G) $67,999.31

Capitol and Fixed Assets (J) -$13,995.14

Non-Fixed Assets (K) $68.75

Grants/Contracts (N) $34,894.21


TOTAL $822,232.66