TRIO Tutoring

LWTech students who are TRIO participants may receive one hour of scheduled, one-on-one TRIO Tutoring per week per class for most general education classes. 

TRiO tutor turoring a studentRequesting TRIO Tutoring

If you would like to request tutoring, log in to TracCloud to schedule a one-time session or complete the following steps to schedule a recurring session:

  1. Complete a TRIO Tutor Request Form.
  2. We will match you with a tutor whose skills and abilities meet your needs.
  3. We will schedule you with weekly appointments based on availability.

Request a tutor early, as tutor availability cannot be guaranteed. However, every effort will be made to find you a tutor for the class and times you request.

For further information, please contact Lisa Anderson at (425) 739-8351.

In addition to TRIO Tutoring, TRIO participants can use The Learning Lab for drop-in tutoring support.  

*TRIO Tutoring is availible for TRIO particpants only. Join TRIO.

Current TRIO Tutors

Kathy Do – CRLA certified Tutor
Chemistry, CSD 110/111, English, Math

Diane Fanning – CRLA certified Tutor
Biology, Chemistry, English, HUM 215, PSYC& 200, Public Health

Pauline Foo-Bald – CRLA certified Tutor 
A&P 1 and 2, Communication Studies, English, Psychology, Sociology

Anna Koroukova – CRLA certified Tutor
CS 143, CS& 141, Math, Physics

Hanah Nguyen – CRLA certified Tutor
Biology, Chemistry, English, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

Joshua Ren – Tutor

Naomi – Tutor
CSD 110, Math

Martin Welliver – CRLA certified Tutor 
Biology, BTE, Chemistry, English, Math, Psychology, Sociology

Maverick Wilkinson – CRLA certified Tutor
CSD 111, Game, Math