Reserving Spaces and Tables in East Mall

  1. Go to the LWTech homepage, hover over Faculty & Staff, then click Room Request.
    Screenshot of the LWTech homepage
  2. Log into 25Live with your LWTech user name and password (same as the login for   LWTech email).
    Screenshot of the LWTech 25Live login window
  3. Click Locations button.
    Screenshot of the locations button in 25 Live
  4. Select East Mall Spaces and Tables from Your Starred Locations dropdown menu.
    Selecting East Mall and tables from Starred Locations in 25 Live
  5. To see MAP of all Spaces and Tables, click on any location (blue hyperlink). You will see the list of all E180 locations: spaces and tables. Refer to the Formal Name and Max Capacity To reserve space without a table, select desired space. If you need table, select table (you don’t need to reserve space additionally). Max Capacity column shows the number of tables for tables, or number of people for spaces.
    List of E180 locations in 25Live
  6. Click map to enlarge. Spaces are indicated by large pink font. Tables are marked by regular font and rectangular shapes representing tables.
    Image of map of East Mall in 25Live
  7. Click the Reserve It button for the Space or Table you want to reserve.
    Your reservation request will be forwarded to ASG for approval and to Custodial support who sets up tables.
    Screenshot of list of E180 locations and their associated Reserve It buttons in 25Live
  8. Event Wizard opens. In the Event Type, select Information Table/Table Sale, if you’re reserving table.
    Screeshot of Event Type options in 25Live
  9. Include Event Title for WEBSITE Calendars, if you wish the event to be published to Calendars. Also, write description in Event Description for WEBSITE calendars, when you get to that step of the Wizard later.
  10. Select date, time, and repeated occurrences in the next steps of the Wizard. You can also select a different location using Search for Locations drop-down menu, include resources, or attach files.
  11. If you’re reserving a table, put a checkmark for Custodial support is needed for this event? in the Requirements step of the Wizard. Write a comment describing what you need, for example: 2 tables and 3 chairs. If you’re reserving space, place checkmarks and comments for all resources you wish to request.
    Screenshot of REQUIREMENTS options in 25Live
  12. You can verify the information you entered in the box on the left side of Wizard.
    Screenshot of left side Wizard summary view in 25Live
  13. Save your event!
    Screenshot of the save even button in 25Live