College Budget

Budget Services manages the college budget using the on-line Financial Management System (FMS). Budget Services is responsible for all on-line budget entries into the FMS system.

College Budget Reports

To request archival financial reports, please contact the Budget Services office.

HB 1795 Disclosure

RCW 28B.15.0681(5)(a) and (b) require that institutions of higher education provide certain information to all undergraduate resident students. This is also known as the HB 1795 disclosure.

The following information is required to be provided either on the tuition billing statement or via a link to a web site:

  1. The sources of all institutional revenue received during the prior academic or fiscal year, including but not limited to state, federal, local, and private sources;
  2. The uses of tuition revenue collected during the prior academic or fiscal year by program category as determined by the office of financial management;

To help the CTCs fulfill this disclosure requirement, the SBCTC prepares a document that provides the information listed above. Please pass this link on to the appropriate parties who establish your disclosure pathways.