Online Tools and Resources

Online tools and resources on this page are meant to help content creators with creating accessible content on any platform or in any medium. These tools and resources should be used with caution as not all tools are created equally. Some may be out of date, and some may have errors. Be sure to always do your own final assessment of the content you are creating to ensure accessibility compliance. 

Online Tools  

It is important to note that while accessibility checkers for webpages can be very useful in diagnosing content structure, code structure, color contrast and other issues, they should not be fully dependent on to resolve all accessibility issues. The ultimate goal should be meeting the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 Guidelines. Also note, that not all checkers are created equally, nor are they guaranteed to be up-to-date to the guidelines. So, use automatic checkers with caution.   

Document Converters

  • SensusAccess 
    An online document conversion system that transforms text and image-based file types into different formats. Students, staff and faculty can upload files through a web interface and select from a variety of output options, including audio, Braille, or e-text formats. The service can convert text files into alternate format types as well as convert image-based files into text formatted files. 

Contrast Checkers 

Color Safe Palette Builders 

Webpage Accessibility Checkers  

Screen Reader Testing 

Keyboard Testing 

Keyboard testing refers to the process of using a series of keystrokes (usually the TAB key to move forward, SHIFT+TAB to move backwards, and ENTER to click a button) to navigate a page and determine if links can be accessed and forms completed without using a mouse. Keyboard testing can verify the accessibility of a website or other digital documents to a motion impaired user unable to use a mouse. 


Other Universities

A list of other universities that have a good collection of digital accessibility information and resources.