EDI Council

The LWTech Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council (EDIC) is an active council serving LWTech since 2015.

Mission Statement

The EDI Council supports and advocates for the vision and values around equity, diversity and inclusion. We seek to provide leadership for ongoing learning, discussion, dialogue and understanding about equity, diversity and inclusion by all members of the LWTech campus community, including students, staff, faculty and administration.

It is a recommending body; it shall serve to advise the President and the Executive Cabinet on equity, diversity and inclusion goals, strategies, plans, policy and projects.


Listed Alphabetically by Last Name

Name School Position  Council Position
Amal Abdulrahman Student Success Navigator, Student Services Member
Hamza Abdulrahman Coordinator for Outreach & Recruitment, Workforce Development Co-Chair
Sage Abplanalp Adjunct Professor, Design BAS Member
Lisa Anderson Assistant Director, TRIO Programs Member
Oscar Bachler Adjunct Professor, Design Member
Angela Bebina Advisor, TRiO Programs Member
Krystal Blair Application Services Coordinator, Information Technology Member
Robert Britten Executive Director - Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Executive Cabinet Liasion
John Calavitta Associate Professor, English Member
Rebecca Carson Adjunct Professor, Medical Assisting Member
An Chu Running Start Coordinator, High School Programs Member
Cathy Copeland Executive Director, Institutional Research & Grant Development Member
Tuan Dang Vice President of Instruction Member
Rhonda DeWitt Manager, Engagement & Learning Member
Laura Drake Coordinator, Career Services Member
Linda Epps Assistant Professor, Computer Security & Network Technology Member
Kimberly Goddard Design Services Manager, Creative Services Member
Elsa Gossett Director, Planning & Operations Member
Sam Gracie Admission Coach, Outreach and Recruitment Web Editor
Tim Gracie Program Assistant III, Enrollment Services Member
Amanda Grepo Assistant Professor, Nursing Programs Member
Ruby Hayden Vice President of Student Services Member
Anita Hedlund Assistant Professor, Nursing Member
Amber Hisatake

Assistant Director of Outreach & Recruitment, Workforce Development

Noa Joseph-Laleh

Workstudy, Office of Student Life

Neha Kardam

Adjunct Faculty, Electronics

Kelse Kwaiser

Adjunct Professor, Public Health

Gail Lawnicki 

Instructional Support, Gen Ed/Hosp/Service

Karen Lee

Associate Dean of Instruction, Adult Basic Education

Caroline Leffall Coordinator, IBEST/Transitions Member
Danette Lindeman Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene Member
Renee Mangini Assistant Professor, Human Resources Management Member
Sean Marushia Assistant Professor, High School Programs Member
Bruce McLean Adjunct Professor, Computing & Software Development Member
Casey Melnrick Assistant Director of Outreach & Recruitment Member
Amy Morrison President of Lake Washington Institute of Technology Member
Meena Park Vice President, Human Resources  Member
Katie Peacock Director, Student Development Member
Sharon Raz Professor, Social Sciences Member
Brian Ramos Coordinator, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair
Kathryn Rogers Student Success Navigator, Student Services Member
Aparna Sen Interim Associate VP of Instruction, Science & Science Technology Member
Leslie Shattuck Executive Director/Executive Communications Officer, Marketing and Communications Member
Dexter Smith Coordinator, Research and Grants Member
Will Smith Coordinator, Outreach & Recruitment Member
Katie Stewart Director, Human Resources Member
Julie Ta Coordinator of Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Programs/ASG Member
Karyna Tytar Assistant Professor, ABE/ESL/GED Member
Ty Underwood Associate Professor, Digital Gaming & Interactive Media Member
Carol Van Buren Contractor, Mental Health Counselor Member
Molly Verschuyl Assistant Professor/Faculty Director, Physical Therapy Assistant Member
Sheila Walton Director: Office of Student Life, Student Services Member
Clayton Webster Associate Professor, Welding Member
Stacy Woodruff Professor, Medical Assisting Program Member
Sue Wozniak Professor, Library Learning Commons Secretary
Elaine Wright Assistant Professor, High School Programs Member