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Black, Disabled, and Proud

A resource for Black and African American college students with disabilities, but with many resources that may be of interest to college students, parents, staff and disability service providers. 

Choosing an LGBTQ-Friendly College

A guide to choosing and LGBTQ-friendly college as well as an extensive list of relevant scholarships provided by online colleges.

Citizenship & Social Justice

The website of educator and writer Jon Greenberg that explores local social justice and race issues.

Coping with Race-Related Stress

The purpose of this brochure is to define race-related stress and the impact it can have on the academic and social success of students of color. Additionally, it will provide tips on how to effectively cope with race-related stress and maximize oneโ€™s academic potential.

Implicit Bias Test

Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaboration between researchers who are interested in implicit social cognition - thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control. 

LGBTQ Student Guide
Multicultural Student Services Directors Council (MSSDC)

Multicultural student services promotes the recruitment, retention and successful completion of educational programs for students of color.

Queer I Am

Student conference that aims to create a liberating space that engages Queer individuals and their many communities in developing a sense of belonging and pride in Queer culture.

Resources to Fight Bigotry Against Muslims

The Equal Justice Society is transforming the nationโ€™s consciousness on race through law, social science, and the arts.

White Privilege Conference

WPC is a conference that examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world.

Racial Microaggressions Article (PDF)

Article published in the American Psychologist.

Supporting Undocumented Youth (PDF)

A resource guide.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack (PDF)